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Live la dolce vita--the sweet life--with this
delightful guide to Italy's best sweets.

This lavishly illustrated cookbook introduces us to the real Italy. Francine gathered recipes come from hip young Italian bloggers and grandmas in remote villages, from important Italian dessert manufacturers, including Bauli, Corsini and Falanga, as well as some of Italy's most famed chefs. From thousands of recipes, she has selected the very best---a list that includes both the classics and desserts that contemporary Italians prepare in their homes today.

Recipes are drawn from all regions of Italy. Classics such as Cannoli and Cantucci are featured along with fresh and unique regional favorites like Sweet Rosemary and Grape Focaccia, Licorice Granita, and the exotic but delicious Chocolate Eggplant. TiramisuIn addition to the beloved Rum Babá and traditional holiday fare like Pandoro Christmas Tree Cake and Pastiera, a Neapolitan Easter Pie, readers will fine new innovations, including a light and luscious "updated" Tiramisú.

Delicious frozen desserts appear in a variety of unexpected flavors, including Spumone with Homemade Hazelnut Brittle, Asti Spumante Granita, and Rosemary Semifreddo. In a delightful twist, there's also an award-winning Parmesan Panna Cotta with Pears. Of course this wouldn't be an authentic Italian cookbook without pasta! Angel Hair Pasta Pie and Sicilian Pasta Crisps are just two of the dishes that are sure to become favorites.

Potato Crisps So that we can all enjoy our sweets in the authentic Italian manner, Francine also includes a chapter on after-dinner drinks that features easy recipes for making liqueurs at home, along with a selection of recipes for special coffees.

Throughout this handsomely photographed and beautifully designed collection, Francine shares interesting bits of Italian food lore and popular Italian foodie sayings, so don't forget:

A tavola non s'invecchia.
While at the table you don't grow old.

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