Italian Holiday Recipes

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Easter Recipes

  • Ciaramicola - a spicy lemon cake, covered with merengue; a classic Easter cake from Umbria.

  • Easter-Monday Pasta Pie - Homey and comforting, this lovely pie comes together without much fuss. Thin egg noodles are layered with ham, cheese, and mushrooms; tiny peas scattered between the layers add a green burst of flavor.

  • Easter Zuppa Inglese - You can make zuppa inglese with all sorts of ready-made cookies or cakes. Here it’s made with Colomba, Italy’s traditional Easter cake.

  • Pastiera: Neapolitan Easter Cake - This traditional ricotta and whole-grain pie has a mouthwatering aroma so distinctive that if you were to wave a slice near any blindfolded Neapolitan he could instantly identify it.